Customized Labels and Stickers

Our company manufactures numerous types of stickers and labels, using various types of paper, lamination, and adhesiveness. All stickers and labels are customized according to your needs.

The process to order your sticker or label are broken down in three steps:

Step 1: Choose your Material. Each material has a unique usage and bring a different touch to your product.

Step 2: Choose your Lamination. Each lamination has a unique touch and bring a different glow to your product.

Step 3: Upload an image of your project.

Note: In case you don’t have a project, fill out the description, giving the idea you have for your labels/stickers, and a team member will get in contact with you to further discuss the creation of your project.

Materials offered:

White Bopp: White Bopp is great for indoor/outdoor use. This material is tough and long lasting. You can add a matte or gloss laminate to this material.  

Clear Bopp: Clear Bopp is a water, oil, and moisture resistant polypropelene film, making it perfect for toiletries and cosmetics.

Matte Paper: This material has an ink jet topcoat for more vibrant colors, a smooth finish and is perfect for those labels with tiny text. It’s best for single use products. This material is great for coffee labels, tea labels and soap labels.

Hemp Paper: Hemp paper is created using hemp pulp which is combined with post consumer pulp. The result is a premium quality paper with an elegante finish. The adhesive is strong and durable. This material cannot be laminated.

Kraft Paper: Kraft paper gives a raw, unfinished look that will bring out the character in your label. Be aware that lighter colors may be washed out by the brown color of the material. Kraft paper cannot be laminated and is not moisture resistant.

Silver Chrome: Silver Chrome is a highly reflective material that is water, oil, and moisture resistant. If you are looking for a subtle touch of spot metallic on your label, this is the choice. Not recommended for fully metallic labels.

Vellum: If you are looking for na eco-friendly label option, velum is made with 100% post-consumer fiber. It is excelente for high speed packaging lines and is a great stock for premium and eco-friendly labeling such as wine bottles, gourmet food, and beverages.

Silver Bopp: Silver Bopp, like the Silver Chrome material, is water, oil and moisture resistant, but has a lighter appearance due to it’s topcoat, which offers a cleaner print quality. Recommended for fully metallic labels.

Stone Paper: Stone Paper consisting of 80% calcium carbonate, which is a base mineral and inorganic compound and 20% polyethylene resin to create an environmentally friendly paper. Stone Paper is water-resistant and inherently strong and durable.


-High Gloss Laminate            -UV High Gloss Laminate

-Matte Laminate                    – Thermal Transfer

– Soft Touch 

Please fill out the information below. Once the information is received, a team member will contact you to review and finalize the order.